About Us


Welcome to Himalayan Online Service Pvt. Ltd. (HONS)

A full Internet Service Provider and network consultant. We provide our services to all interested businesses and individuals all over Nepal.

Quality and Reliability

HONS is dedicated to providing a service of outstanding quality and reliability. HONS sees the Internet as a  significant tool to extend and enhance both business and personal communications. It has been our belief that the ability of the Internet to fulfill this potential will directly affect the perception of  Internet users. If the user’s experiences are favorable, their confidence on the Internet will grow. This will encourage more usage and participation in the system.

Since initializing HONS service, the focus of our efforts has been to provide a service of high quality and reliability at a reasonable price.

We, at HONS, believe that quality and reliability go  hand in hand. Quality means uninterrupted and friendly services and  reliability means that they work when they should. The ability to  consistently provide uninterrupted and outstanding technical support is  another key aspect of HONS’s business philosophy.

Since its founding, HONS has expanded its service to  local access areas within Kathmandu valley. This expansion has been  accomplished without degrading the level of service provided. Quality  and reliability remain compromised and HONS continues to provide all  of its promoted and advertised services.

Much of the work involved in providing high quality  and reliable Internet service is not necessarily visible to subscribers  nor easily described in radio or print ads. It is the absence of  frequent failures and problems in connectivity and slow servers that  makes us different from our competitors. We feel that unsolicited  comments from our subscribers provide the best testimony to the success  of our efforts